New Ethernet-to-RS485 option for digital panel meters

Connection of multiple Laureate digital panel meters, counters, timers to an Ethernet LAN is now possible via a single Etherned line of one of the instruments is equipped with the new Ethernet-to-RS485 converter board by Laurel Electronics, and the other instruments are on the same RS485 bus.
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The Ethernet-to-RS485 converter board plugs into the host meter. It provides an industry-standard RJ45 jack for a 10/100Base-T interface to the Ethernet, plus an RJ11 jack for interface to an RS485 bus which can support up to 31 meters equipped with Laurel’s RS485 interface board. That board features dual RJ11 connectors for RS485 daisy-chaining using commercial 6-wire RJ11 data cables, with no need for a hub. The Modbus protocol is fully supported.

Laurel’s Node Manager software is shipped on a mini CD with each Ethernet board. This free Windows-based application automatically discovers all Laurel Nodes (or Laurel Ethernet boards) on a LAN or WAN, plus any meters connected to the Nodes. These will be the host meter of Ethernet-to-RS485 converter board, plus any meters and transmitters on the RS485 bus. Node Manager software is also used to configure each Node, such as naming the Node and associated devices, entering email addresses for alarm notification and data requests, selecting the Node’s time zone for time-stamping of streaming data, and setting communication parameters for associated meters. Please see Laurel’s Ethernet Manual.