Ethernet option for Laurel Electronics 1/8 DIN instruments

An Ethernet interface option board is now available for all 1/8 DIN Laureate digital panel meters, counters and timers by Laurel Electronics. This board plugs into the host meter to provide a 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface via an industry-standard RJ45 connector. Multiple meters, each with its its own Ethernet cable, can now be connected to a local area network (LAN) or to the Internet via a router, or directly to a host computer. LAN, WAN, and Internet connectivity are fully supported so that the meter can be read and set up remotely. The Modbus protocol is fully supported.

Laurel’s Node Manager software is shipped on a mini CD with each Ethernet ready meter. This free Windows-based application automatically discovers all Laurel Nodes (or Laurel Ethernet boards) on a LAN or WAN, plus the host meter connected to the Node. Node Manager software is also used to configure each Node, such as naming the Node, entering email addresses for alarm notification and data requests, selecting the Node’s time zone for time-stamping of streaming data. For more information, please see Laurel’s Ethernet Manual.

Additional serial communication options available for Laureate meters, counters and timers include USB 2.0, RS485 and RS232.