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How to install 1/8 DIN instruments in harsh environments

Compact and economical 1/8 DIN panel-mount instruments are available for most industrial signals from manufacturers like Laurel Electronics. In addition to providing a local display in engineering units, such instruments can incorporate relays for local alarm or control, an isolated analog output to serve as a transmitter, and serial communications,  such as Ethernet, USB, RS485 and RS232.


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How to protect the front panel of 1/8 DIN instruments

Digital panel meters, electronic counters, industrial timers and other 1/8 DIN size instruments are typically installed in the door of a sealed metal enclosure. While the enclosure protects its contents, the front panel of the instrument has to face the outside environment, which can be laden with dust, fumes and moisture. In many cases, plant equipment is water cleaned with high-pressure hoses — not so good if the water reaches delicate electronics.

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