RTD Transmitter with both Ethernet and 4-20 mA Outputs

Laurel Electronics, Inc Founded in 1990, is a leading U.S. manufacturer of programmable industrial digital panel meters, counters, timers, and DIN rail transmitters. It has developed and introduces its Laureate™ LTE-RTD transmitter with Ethernet I/O, an isolated 0-10V or 4-20 mA analog output, and dual 120 mA relays, all in the same compact DIN-rail package.

Discovery of transmitters connected to a local area network (LAN) is automatically achieved with Laurel’s Node Manager Software, and the discovered transmitters can then be programmed over the Ethernet using Laurel’s Instrument Setup Software. The software runs on a PC under MS Windows and can be downloaded at no charge. A web server is also built into each node. Supported protocols are Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, and Laurel ASCII.

The transmitter’s 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA or 0-10V analog output is galvanically isolated and linearized, providing 16-bit (0.0015%) resolution of the output span. Update rates are 50 or 60 per second. The dual solid state relays are rated for 120 mA at 140 Vac or 180 Vdc, and are suitable for alarm or control.

The transmitter’s RTD temperature signal conditioner accommodates 100 ohm platinum, 10 ohm copper and 120 ohm nickel RTDs. Pt100 platinum RTDs can have a DIN alpha of 0.00385 or ANSI alpha of 0.00392, and are linearized for the entire RTD range from -200°C to +850°C. The RTD type and temperature range, specified in °C or °F, are user-selectable. The temperature range can be as wide as the entire span of the RTD type or as narrow as 150 counts (such as 15.0°), limited only by considerations of electrical noise and digital filtering time constants.

Digital calibration of all RTD ranges is performed at the factory, with calibration data stored in EEPROM on the signal conditioner board. This allows signal conditioner boards and ranges to be changed in the field with no need for recalibration. Typical error is less than ±0.1°C (±0.2°F). RTD connections can be via 2, 3 or 4 wires. With a 3 or 4-wire connection, the transmitter automatically compensates for changes in lead resistance to the sensor

Unit pricing is $295, which includes AC power, Ethernet I/O, an isolated 4-20 mA output, and dual 120 mA relays. Add $30 for 10-48 Vdc power or Power over Ethernet (PoE).

For product specifications and options, visit http://www.laurels.com/LTE-transmitter-rtd.htm.

For more information, contact Harald Weiss, Director of Marketing, at 714-434-6131, email sales@laurels.com.

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4-20 mA and Serial Data Output RTD Transmitter

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Laurel Electronics offering Model QLS quad output 4-20 mA Current Loop splitter/Retransmitter

This facilitates sourcing up to four independently adjustable 4-20mA outputs from a single input and these could be 4-20ma, 1-5V, 0-5V or 0-10V as selected.

Model QLS sources up to four (4) independently adjustable 4-20 mA outputs, from a single input, which can be 4-20 mA, 1-5V, 0-5V or 0-10V, as selected by jumpers. The outputs can share a common ground.

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Compact and economical 1/8 DIN panel-mount instruments are available for most industrial signals from manufacturers like Laurel Electronics. In addition to providing a local display in engineering units, such instruments can incorporate relays for local alarm or control, an isolated analog output to serve as a transmitter, and serial communications,  such as Ethernet, USB, RS485 and RS232.


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